Pilonidal Cyst

Dr. Bagherzadeh explained about Pilonidal cyst surgery that he performed by closed procedure. watch the part of surgery and what he said.

Painless Natural Delivery

Dr. Behnam is explaining about Painless Natural Delivery in Maryam Hospital during years.

Imperforate Anus, Patient Story

It’s about Amir Hossein Rahmani that had imperforate anus. his parents are telling about their life and difficulties of Amir Hossein’s deseas. Although after several surgeries his doctor was disappointed to made him cured, Dr. Delshad did successful operation on him. Is there anything better than giving back happiness to this family?


What is Mammoplasty? what are the problems that patients with large and heavy breasts are facing to? is Mammoplasty good for single woman too? Dr. Tamadon explains about these questions


Dr. Farideh Arab Jahvani, Gynecology and Obstetrician, Fellowship of Infertility Treatments (IVF) is explainig about Maryam Infertility Treatment Center and it’s services. Most of the services offered at this center, diagnostic services of men and women’s infertility.

Maryam Hospital and Painless Delivery Story

Dr. Sotoudeh is talking about painless delivery and how it becomes popular at Maryam Hospital. There were a lot of difficulties at first days but they didn’t give up and kept going on until they’ve been successful


Dr. Jasem zade is explainig about two types of malignant breast tumors, and one of his patient that she has had lobular carcinoma in her right breast. what do you know about these kind of tumors? watch the movie.

Laparoscopic Colectomy

Dr. Gholamreza Bagherzadeh, general surgeon, and colorectal fellowship, is talking about Laparoscopic Colectomy surgery. if you have anal bleeding, you have to see a specialist doctor and not ignore it at all.


70% of women may get uterine fibroids throughout their lives. Uterine fibroids are often benign non-cancerous tumors that grow in the uterus Sometimes these fibroids cause pain Early detection of these fibroids is very important and considered as a crucial step in preventing uterine resection in the future ‌ Dr. Fariba Behnam talks about a disease with uterine fibroids, and hysteroscopy used to remove the fibroids. We see moments of surgery performed at Maryam Hospital

Laser disc surgery in pain clinic

Dr. Siamak Moradi, a pain specialist is talking about patients with lumbar discs. what should we do at first? and which one is a good candidate for disc laser? watch the video and try to make others aware of solutions against pains. everyone deserves not to have any pains