A Brief History Of The Center

The lack of treatment facilities in Alborz province and Karaj, especially in the area of ​​infants, children, and mothers has led Maryam Co-operative to provide health care services. It was decided in 2009 and The hospital was established in the 5th district of Karaj city.
After obtaining necessary permissions, construction work had begun, and in 2014, Maryam Hospital was established with advanced equipment for mothers, children, and infants care.
The first NICU ward with 12 beds between private hospitals and the first ICU ward with 6 active beds in the hospital was established.

Operating rooms equipped with Laparoscopy, Hysteroscopy, Muscle Stimulator (CRM) and portable radiology for infants and children surgeries, gynecological surgeries, orthopedic surgeries, neurology, ENT, urology, pediatric dentistry… are operating 24/7. aside from that, labor & delivery ward with 3 active LDR (Labor and Delivery Room) and 1 Pre-eclampsia bed and 2 post-3 delivery beds (Painless Natural Deliver) are provided for childbirth. The hospital also has gynecological, pediatric, internal, general surgery (men and women surgery), ICU Tunic and infants and emergency departments. The hospital also has specialized clinics in gynecology, pediatrics, cardiovascular, pediatric, otolaryngology, infectious and diabetic wounds, perinatology, IVF, pain relief, pediatric orthopedics, amniocentesis, blood pressure, nutrition, and radiometry.

Para-clinic wards include a laboratory which is equipped with advanced automatic devices that can perform all hormonal, enzyme, blood, and chemistry tests. It is 24-hour active.

Radiology, ultrasound, and pharmacy are working and serving highly qualified doctors residing to help patients. Also, the Hospital has a contract with all insurance companies (health care, social security, armed forces, etc).

One of the features of this hospital is the existence of a sewage treatment plant, after which the sewage enters the urban grass after purification and conversion into clear water.

Maryam Hospital has published “MARYAM Family” magazine from the first months of establishing the hospital to provide health and medical education services to dear citizens on various issues. Besides for providing face to face educations and information to pregnant mothers, about maternity care, the hospital has provided maternity classes in corporate with highly educated doctors and midwives to increase the awareness of future mothers about their pregnancy and childbirth.

Hospital/Center perspective

The best-specialized health center in providing diagnostic, therapeutic services to patients.

Our Vision and Mission

Mission (corporate mission)

Delivering the most up-to-date diagnostic services to health care recipients to promote health through the use of powerful and committed human resources and technology and knowledge of the day.


Provide, sustain and maintain the quality of health services, medical. treatment, diagnosis, and rehabilitation.
Provide, maintain and enhance patient and employee safety levels.
Provide, maintain, and increase the level of satisfaction and continuous improvement of health and “Home Care”.
Provide, maintain and enhance the productivity of the employed manpower.
The optimal management of assets includes physical resources, medical equipment, and facilities, by the use of modern technology.