Breast surgery

Breast surgery in Iran

When a serious problem occurs in any part of the body, patients should pay attention to the fact that they should refer to a specialist for correct and effective diagnosis and treatment. Breast diseases, both benign and malignant, should be examined by a specialist in breast surgery in Iran.

According to the patient’s conditions, if necessary, the surgeon performs the surgery in different ways, which can include the following:

Breast surgeons treat all patients who have problems in their breasts, including non-cancerous and cancerous problems, and if necessary, surgery is performed to treat patients.

In general, when a patient goes to the subspecialty of breast surgery in Iran  in the breast subspecialty clinic, each of the following steps are performed by the doctor:

If the patient has a history of certain diseases, it is examined and a physical examination is performed for the patient.

Laboratory tests and imaging are taken from the patient.

Medicines tailored to each person’s condition are prescribed by the doctor.

If needed, minimally invasive methods such as sampling guided by mammography or ultrasound are performed for the patient.

Depending on the patient’s condition, surgeries such as lumpectomy, mastectomy, etc. may be performed for the patient.

Who should refer to breast surgery specialist?

When a person notices or feels abnormal changes in the breast, they discuss it with their general practitioner or gynecologist. If the doctors notice abnormal changes in the early stages, they refer the patients to a breast surgeon for a more specialized and serious examination.

In these cases, the breast surgeon examines and evaluates the patient’s condition and determines whether the patient needs surgery or not. And what effective treatment methods to consider for people.


What problems does the breast cancer specialist treat?

Breast surgeons in Karaj treat a wide range of diseases, including the following:

Breast calcification:

There are lumps that are sometimes associated with precancerous breast lesions.

Breast Cancer:

People who are at risk of developing breast cancer will be under the control of breast surgery specialists. In fact, these people have mutations in the gene and also have a family history of this disease (such as mother or sister).

Fat necrosis:

This condition results in painless lumps in the breast, which are caused by damaged fatty tissue.


These cases are smooth and firm non-cancerous tumors. Sometimes fibroadenoma increases the risk of breast cancer.


Fibrocystic includes non-cancerous cysts in the breast tissue.

Mammary duct dilatation:

This can lead to inflammation and blockage under the nipple.

Sometimes, some people may go to a general practitioner or other specialists who are not very skilled in this field when they feel any discomfort or problem in their chest. This wrong choice can delay the treatment process.

Sometimes you may have conditions that require immediate and accurate treatment, which will definitely be possible by visiting a breast surgeon. Therefore, when you feel any problem in the breast, go to the relevant specialists for timely examinations and treatments.

Breast repair

Types of diseases and problems treated by a breast surgeon

Breast diseases and problems can be divided into two categories, which are classified as non-cancerous or benign diseases and malignant diseases, and we will mention the types of each of these cases for you.

Non-cancerous and benign breast surgery in Iran:

The treatments that are considered for this category of diseases are often healed without surgery and with the use of drug therapy; sometimes the breast specialist doctor considers it necessary to perform surgery for patients, which are as follows:

Malignant or cancerous breast surgery in Iran that are examined and treated by a breast surgeon:

People who have breast problems do not always need surgery; therefore, visiting a Breast surgery in Iran does not mean that you definitely need surgery.

The necessary examinations are done first for the patient, the doctors at Maryam Hospital’s breast clinic try to treat patients with non-invasive methods, if they receive a positive response from the treatment, and the patient may need surgery. In these cases, the breast surgery specialist will guide you completely.