Maryam Hospital received International Patients Admission accreditation


Maryam Hospital received International Patients Admission accreditation

Duo to following monitoring of the Maryam Hospital, located in Karaj, Iran by Dr. Hashemzadeh (Head of Health Tourism Department of Ministry of Health) and his accompanying team, the hospital was honored with International Patient Admission Permit (IPD).


Dr. Salaheddin Delshad, CEO of Maryam Hospital states:

Since the establishment of the hospital, patients from Iraq, Azerbaijan, and Afghanistan, as well as patients from other countries, have been referred to the hospital and have undergone many difficult surgeries. IPD is an international patient admission permit that requires the hospital to have specific characteristics and conditions. Fortunately, Maryam Hospital has all the necessary facilities and the presence of foreign patients in the hospital since its inception is a sign of the hospital’s high credibility.

Dr. Delshad, a pediatric surgeon specialist, added:

Maryam Hospital is the first mother and child hospital in Alborz province and the second-largest mother and child hospital in Iran. Other notable features of Maryam Hospital include the ICU ward, the first private NICU ward in Alborz province, as well as the first maternal ICU. All stages of maternal and neonatal treatments are done at the hospital itself and patients do not need to be referred outside the hospital. Special facilities at the hospital have made the center a popular focus, both in Iran and worldwide, from the beginning.

A wide range of external patients refers to the hospital for pediatric surgery to treat fecal incontinence, urinary incontinence, sexual ambiguity, cleft lips, cleft palate, intestinal malformations, Bladder extrophy and kidney diseases. In the field of gynecologic surgery, performing difficult child births, removing large, hard tumors and fibroids and cosmetic surgeries for patients abroad are important.

This year we also received permission to open an IVF clinic. The clinic has gynecologists, infertility specialists (IFVs), skilled laboratory specialists, embryology and urology specialists. The existence of an infertility center has also attracted patients, especially from Iraq.

Specialty areas of the hospital include congenital malformations surgery, sexual ambiguity surgery (male to female or female to male), infertility treatment, orthopedic hand & shoulder surgery, congenital anomalies, all colorectal surgeries , rectal cancer, colon cancer, breast cancer,  Facial and body beauty surgeries, blepharoplasty, pain clinic, hair transplantation, rhinoplasty, vaginal cosmetic surgery and more.

Maryam Hospital has been able to gain the satisfaction and trust of all patients, over the past 5 years.

And finally, Dr. Delshad noted:

All the above honors show that our hospital has been the leading provider of up-to-date healthcare. Our goal is to be a leader in serving international patients, in addition to providing new medical services to all people around the world.

The presence of English and Arabic speaking physicians and nurses in the international patients department and fluent English, Arabic, French and Turkish translators have made it easier for foreign patients to stay in this center.

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